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The products and services offered here are characterized by the following:

  • AUTHENTICITY means original human created art and designs.
  • RELIABLE QUALITY and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY happen in cooperation with you. While we take care of the quality base products, the designs and the sound product creation technology, please note that the products are made on demand, meaning especially for you and based on the order you placed. This means there are no produced stocks in the warehouse, thus helping to reduce random overproduction. We trust you to make thoughtful purchasing decisions. In order to guarantee your satisfaction please don’t delay checking your items. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense.
  • The PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING. As the on demand production happens worldwide and in the closest location to the client, any possible additional import taxes should be kept to a minimum.

About the artist



I am an abstract artist living in Tallinn. 

I love to explore colors, light and how art comes to be.

This is not the first coming of my artistry. In my youth I allowed well-meaning individuals to talk me out of my calling. So I engaged myself in many other interesting areas and that was a lot of fun. 

Meanwhile my calling deepened and transformed while life had its plans inviting me to dive deeper into the alchemy of things. When the time was ripe for me to switch from caretaker and obligation mode into a more self-driven existence, I impulsively jumped into creating art. It was like quenching a thirst and felt amazing. It did not last though. I lacked  clarity about how creative life could work for me, was unable to embody the self I wanted to express and could not make ends meet.

These days making art is a portal into the flow state. When I step through it I find myself hooked up to something that is so much bigger. Once there, it is easy to allow it to carry me and be expressed through me. Just feeling my way one step at a time, flowing from one perfect moment to another, from a perfect problem to a perfect solution, curious about how it is going to unfold and where it is taking me. Riding that wave and then landing a final piece – one that feels done and looks like an end result, but is in essence the birthing process itself. Something that has been realized through me. What a ride!

This state of creative flow is what makes life worth living. So enjoyable! A space where its easy to be truly me, where I feel alive and have given up judging myself, feeling joyful no matter what. These are the feelings I want to revisit daily, regularly, as often as possible. #mydailydose is about sharing those feelings.

Hope you have fun discovering my art and find something to your liking.

Thank you!

Inna Inanna

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